UPDATE: September 5, 4:01 pm CST

We have at least one confirmation of this story I posted yesterday. Taken from the comments section:

# a mom Says:
September 5th, 2005 at 10:02 am e

My daughter evacuated to that hotel for a couple of days. She called me and told me some things very similar. She did have pets with her and was treated in a similar manner. The last time I heard from her, she, too, was leaving without getting a refund for the extra days that she had paid for. I do not know where she went, or where she is now. I wish I did know. I am very worried. She had very little money left, but said she might try to go back home to Nicholson, Mississippi. What awaits her there, I don’t know either. She was in tears and uncertain what to expect. I told her that I would call the hotel and try to straighten the whole mess out for her, but she said she feared it would just make matters worse. I don’t know about other evacuees, but I can tell you if the hotel did treat my daughter in such a manner, I will get to the bottom of it, if I have to go there myself.

I just received this email from Duncan Riley. It was sent to him by somebody who heard about Ramada employees in Marietta, Georgia mistreating evacuees.

Now, I reprint the email here only to try and confirm it. I lay no claim to whether these things happen or didn’t, although the details this person shares makes me feel that there has to be at least something to this story. But that’s just a gut instinct.

In any event, if you know anything about this please leave a comment and tell your story.

I want to pass something on that I heard from several people.

The Ramada Suite, Franklin Street/Road, Marietta, Ga. must have some serious compassion issues.

Several families from the gulf of Mississippi evacuated to that location, not being able to find open rooms any where else along the way.

Some of those evacuees had pets with them, some did not.

The evacuees, in most cases, had no money (or very little) which they used for gas and were forced to contact friends or family to ask for money to be wired to them, or asked if they could help pay for their hotel rooms via a credit card so they could have a place to rest. Several of them had not had food for a couple of days and were relieved to be able to get food and water and a place to lay their heads. Mind you, these people have nothing to go back to, they have lost everything except what they could throw in their cars and run with.

The management staff at the above mentioned hotel were happy enough to take their money, or a credit card called in…but….when it came down to it, they treated these people like dirt. The ones with pets were harassed and ordered (after checking in and sleeping for a night) to dish out more money than originally quoted for their pets. Several of the evacuees had paid in advance for several nights, so they could rest and wait for word on possible return to their home areas but the management told them to either give them more money, or they would be thrown out of the hotel. When told that they did not have any more money, they were told “you call somebody to send you some or you leave.” When some of the evacuees decided to leave and try to find another hotel after witnessing this and requested the management to return their money that was paid in advance for several more days, the management refused.

They were heard to say, “No, we return no money, we keep it, if you don’t pay more, we throw you out. You leave, we keep all the money.” Then harassment began by constantly walking by the rooms of the evacuees to let them know that the management was watching them. The management even attempted to enter rooms, possibly to put their few belongings out in the street, when they thought the evacuees were not present, but they were caught. Some of the evacuees just decided to leave and forfeit their money because they were made to feel so unwelcome, harassed and disrespected so badly. Who knows where they went or what they did after they left without any money for food or gas because management would not return their prepaid funds.

Now I ask you, whats wrong with this picture?

Where is the compassion? Where are the acts of kindness from the hotel and management to these evacuees that have nothing left? They escaped with their lives, only to be harassed by a company that cares about nothing but making money.

I just thought someone should know what is going on there.

Maybe someone can check into this unacceptable treatment.

Please share, link and let’s get to the bottom of this. If Ramada really did treat evacuees like this, I believe they should be held accountable.

But remember, this story is UNCONFIRMED until we hear from a few others who experienced this first hand.

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