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Die Hard 4 Script Imagines New Orleans Flood


Eerie stuff…

This script was written before anything happened in New Orleans, but now the details come to light, according to Cinematical:

As McClane is transporting an (unrelated) hacker from New York to Washington D.C., the cyber terrorists strike, and within hours, the NYC transit system, the NYSE, and the systems controlling the nation’s ATMs have all crashed. The hacker in McClane’s custody figures out that the other hackers are following the instructions in a book (written by yet another hacker) called, How to Crash an Empire in Three Days. The film then turns into a buddy movie of sorts, as McClane and his criminal charge traipse about the country looking for the real e-evildoers.

This is where the whole enterprise gets prophetic. The good hacker predicts that something bad is going to go down in New Orleans: the empire-crashing how-to said something about splitting the country in two, and if one was to bomb the Port of New Orleans, it would shut down the Mississippi River and essentially do just that. So McClane and his new friend head down there – only to watch an explosion on the Huey P. Long Bridge, one that Latino Review describes as “beyond massive, flipping nearby vessels and sending 70 ft waves in both directions”, and presumably wrecking havoc similar to what I’ve been seeing on CNN all week.

This sequence will obviously be written out of the final draft before the movie goes into production, but it’s still an interesting turn of events, no?

I suppose it’s kind of like watching The Siege back in 1998 and thinking, “That would never happen here.”