Whenever you align yourself with George Galloway, expect to lose some credibility. Apparently, she’s joining him on a nationwide tour to criticize the Administration for spending money on the war instead of preparing for disaster at home.

From the partisan Washington Times comes more:

Mr. Galloway, a passionate supporter of anti-Western causes in the Arab world, has been sneered at in Parliament as the “member for Baghdad” because of his regular trips there before the U.S.-led invasion.

He also has been accused of receiving allocations to buy and sell 20 million barrels of Iraqi oil, a charge he has strongly denied.

Miss Fonda was persuaded to join Mr. Galloway’s eight-city traveling show later this month by a friend, Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues.” Mrs. Ensler had been impressed by Mr. Galloway’s pugnacious performance in May in front of a Senate committee investigating the U.N. oil-for-food scandal, the London Sunday Times reported.

At the hearing, Mr. Galloway, just re-elected after a fiercely fought campaign exploiting Muslim anti-war sentiment, described the accusations against him as “the mother of all smoke screens” and said they were aimed at diverting attention from America’s role in the war and its aftermath.

However, perhaps Galloway has a VERY good reason to complain this time. If the story about British families being passed over for evacuation in favor of Americans is true, it demands some serious scrutiny.

Perhaps the biggest blow to America’s image came in a report in the London Observer that New Orleans police refused to evacuate British families from hotels before the hurricane struck, telling them that priority was being given to Americans.

The newspaper quoted Gerrard Scott, 35, speaking from the Ramada Hotel in New Orleans, where he has been stranded without assistance with his wife and 7-year-old son since Katrina struck.

“Those that didn’t fit their criteria were told to help themselves,” he told a relative by telephone. “The police said they were evacuating Americans and took away the majority.”

Simply put, we can’t put nationalism above humanity, especially when children are involved…

Jane won’t do the tour and is limiting her appearances with Galloway.

From Fox News:

Jane Fonda told me yesterday she’s scrapped plans for anti-war bus trip next March. As well, Fonda will be making only two appearances this month on another rally with controversial British politician George Galloway, not the eight that were widely misreported in the press yesterday.

Why the change of plans? Certainly, Fonda is still very much against the war in Iraq and in favor of helping our troops there. But she said that she didn’t want to distract people from Cindy Sheehan’s bus trip, already under way and gathering support.

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