The stars won’t be censored on the Katrina telethon tonight:

The stars lined up for Friday’s live multinetwork primetime telethon will not be censored if they make any politically tinged comments, program organizers said Thursday.

In a conference call with reporters, executive producer Joel Gallen noted that editing would occur only if obscenities accidentally were uttered. The editing would be enabled by a 30-second time delay, standard for many live programs.

“The only precautions we have right now are for language,”

I know people are sick of hearing celebrities talking about politics; especially when the celebrity disagrees with them; and the celebrity is able to reach a wide audience. Heck, I was ticked off when Curt Schilling — after his history making, World Series, bloody sock heroics — came out and endorsed a presidential candidate on a national television morning talk show. I wished he would have just kept his mouth shut; and now, I experience less joy in watching him play. Nonetheless, censorship is a bad idea. Even for celebrities.

I even feel for the celebrities somewhat. They have to be more careful than the rest of us because of the audience they command, and the way they (or their cause) can be affected by public opinion; as suggested by Michael Totten’s ages old post, and illustrated by Curt Schilling’s eventual apology for the setting in which he made his remarks.

Let the celebrities talk. And enjoy watching the ones you dislike self destruct. But let’s hope the telethon (and other Katrina fundraising) is a success, even if our favorite stars choose to bite their tongue. Or not.

“Shelter” will air from 8-9 p.m. ET (tape delayed PT/MT) on all six broadcast networks, dozens of cable networks and in more than 140 international territories. Radio and Internet outlets also will carry the broadcast.

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