A community leader in Los Angeles is taking disaster preparedness seriously:

When a major earthquake or other disaster strikes Los Angeles, Horace Penman will be ready, and that’s good news for his neighbors in the area between the Harbor Freeway and Central Avenue, 84th Street and Slauson Avenue. Those are the boundaries of the neighborhood council known as the Community and Neighbors for Ninth District Unity, or the slightly easier-to-handle name of CANNDU. Penman made disaster preparedness a top priority for his neighborhood and set up shop at McKinley Elementary School, stocking a shed there with not just the obvious equipment like flashlights, barrels of water and ready-to-eat food, but also grislier (and potentially equally necessary) things like body bags, and lime for disinfecting.

He has plotted out evacuation routes, and made sure a field at nearby Fremont High School can handle helicopters. He even has a backup plan that would send volunteers several miles down the railroad tracks to an equestrian club, where they would grab some horses and bring them back to help evacuate the neighbors.

LA Weekly: After the Deluge: The Big Difference

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