Dennis the Peasant sums it up:

First of all, let’s understand that President Bush’s polling numbers are not abysmal because of “the Democrats� have suddenly become the voice of the people. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson and Cindy Sheehan didn’t wake up yesterday and suddenly start talking sense. Far from it. What the citizenry is reacting to is the fact that George W. Bush has, for all intents and purposes, disappeared again.

And disappearing is not what The People seem to want.

As more than one commentator has noted, George W. Bush is a politician with a businessman’s brain. The problem is, this particular businessman doesn’t like marketing, and doesn’t seem to understand that marketing is a continuous process. President Bush has, much to his misfortune, taken November, 2004 at face value. Yes, the election was a referendum and he did win, but winning in November, 2004 doesn’t mean you can forget the marketing, focus on the management, and win again in September, 2005.

President Bush’s poll numbers are not sinking because the American people have suddenly decided an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, large tax increases, and passage of the Kyoto Protocol are the path to True Happiness. Those poll numbers reflect the understandable reaction of a citizenry to a president who appears to have disengaged from them. And you know what, it’s hard to demonstrate leadership when you appear to be disengaged. The citizenry wants Leadership; not Management.

Second of all, let’s be clear about why folks are having problems with the President’s performance dealing with Hurricane Katrina. None of us have the slightest idea of just how good or bad Michael Brown was at FEMA, but the fact of the matter is that he never should have been there in the first place. George W. Bush got caught with his hand in the patronage cookie jar, and now he’s going to get spanked for it.

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