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Political Football

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Dell Gines, Urban Conservative finds the urban poor of New Orleans turning into a political football, and he interrupts the game to ask a good question.

The neo-conservative ideologues and pundits assign full individual accountability to ‘liberal policies’ and the individual poor for poverty. Conversely, the neo-liberal ideologues and pundits assign full accountability to the neo-conservatives, their upper-class tax cuts and the like, for creating environments that keep poverty in place, particularly amongst blacks. Through the political rhetoric designed to appease constituents, two points have noticeably occurred in the post Katrina debate. The first point is that the poor have become a pimping point by both sides, as each attempt to capitalize the death and storm based disenfranchisement of the black poor by assigning blame to the other side. The second point is that through the midst of the finger pointing and polarizing of Katrina, no relevant policy discussions or even good solid op-ed pieces in the national news, geared towards positing solutions to this thematic concentration of poverty amongst African-Americans in the inner-city. So even as America comes together in a way they have never had before in terms of providing relief to the victims of Katrina, we must ask ourselves this… When it is all said and done, will anyone really remember the poor or will they just continue to be used as pawns on the political chess boards of the neo-conservatives and the liberals?

[Hat tip: Dean’s World]