I sincerely applaud this move since I remember when all we had for lunch was pizza, hamburgers and mystery meat casserole.

Of course those who served us didn’t care since they were being paid minimum wage. And in short, why should we eat any different than them? Patterns begat patterns, and if we’re taught these types of bad habits, most will take them into the adult arena…?

And to be sure, I’m not fan of Arnold nor am I an advocate, but this initiative is a good one and it should be seen as such.

It’s one of the few things this governor truly understands, and if he’s in power simply for this reason, then so be it and the consequences that arise from it. Something tells me he should bea able to handle it.

From the AP:

The food served in California schools will be healthier starting next fall under legislation signed Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The new laws impose a campus ban on the sale of sodas, set a new nutritional standard for vending-machine snacks, and require more fruits and vegetables in meal planning.

The former bodybuilding champion and fitness expert said the new rules are all part of a new effort to fight childhood obesity.

“California is facing an obesity epidemic,” Schwarzenegger said at a conference on childhood obesity. “And more and more, children are becoming part of the problem.”

Lawmakers made California the first state in the nation to ban the sale of soft drinks in middle and elementary schools two years ago. One of the bills signed by the governor Thursday will expand that ban to include high schools.

Beginning next July, students will be allowed to buy only water, milk, and some fruit and sport drinks that have limited sweeteners.

I believe the result will be happier, healthier, more attentive students.

Not immediately, but in the long run, I guarantee it.

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