The Onion reports that Senator Allen from Virginia thought he was making a joke when he introduced this bill.

S. 1718, also known as the Preservation Of Public Lands Of America Act, authorized a shift of $138 billion from the federal Medicare fund to a massive landscaping effort that, over the next five years, will transform Yellowstone National Park into a luxury private golf estate.

It sailed through both houses of congress with bi-partisan support:

The only senator to suspect that the act was a joke was Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), who said he later overcame his suspicions, reasoning that “if it got this far, it must be valid.”

In the end the joke was on Allen.

Once Allen found out that Bush would be signing the bill into law in a special Rose Garden ceremony, he decided to let the matter drop, saying that he was “in too deep to start explaining things now.”

The Onion: Bill Introduced As Joke Signed Into Law

Humor Bill Introduced As Joke Signed Into Law