As most of you know, I’m a Democrat and believe in most of the party platform.

However…Dean Esmay points out that both parties are falling out of favor.

From Dean:

My gut keeps saying the odds of Rudy Giuliani getting the Republican nod are going up, for whatever it’s worth. I also begin to have my doubts about Senator Clinton’s ability to win her own party’s nomination. She’ll have to work hard to shake off the idea that she’s an “establishment” candidate. But then, she’ll be able to say she wants to bring back the robust reform-minded agenda of the early Clinton administration, so that could work for her. I’m still hoping to back New Mexico’s Bill Richardson for the Democratic nominee myself though.

In any case, my strongest prediction is that whichever party has the most coherent and easily explained agenda in both 2006 and 2008 will be the one to do best.

Why? Well, perhaps we’re seeing the age of reason in full swing. Perhaps people are understanding that neither party represents their best interests.

Does this mean a third party could gain hold soon? Ahh…that’s the trillion dollar question.

Bill Richardson’s stock seems to be gaining as the years go by. Interesting indeed. I blogged about Bill Richardson and his “forward” agenda a little while ago, and I think he actually could represent a truly centrist approach, one that considers both sides and separates the wheat from the chaff.

Can we make a difference by holding a guy like Richardson accountable?

Let’s hope we do.

(HT: The Moderate Voice)

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