Now it’s Bush’s family accountant, Aaron Rodgers.

In The Agora has the scoop:

ITA is proud to announce that we have the inside scoop on who President Bush will nominate to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve. High-level officials have revealed to ITA staff that long-time Bush family accountant Aaron Rodgers has been picked to fill the top slot at the Fed. Bush is expected to announce the nomination Friday morning at a press conference.

An advance copy of Bush’s remarks shows that the President will credit Rodgers as a trustworthy friend who can be sure to fairly adjust the interest rate, “and all that other stuff.” Rodgers has previously enjoyed the President’s confidence as the Texas Commissioner of Consumer Credit, a position in which he served for six months. When asked why the term was so short, senior sources told us, “Well, the Bush family knows a lot of accountants, and he had to make sure everyone got a turn.” The President tapped Rodgers, or “A-Rod III” as the President has nicknamed him, to come to Washington early in his Administration to, “Help install Quicken on the computers. He’s really good with that.” It is unclear what Rodgers has been doing since then, but he remains on the White House payroll as a senior consultant.

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