From Radio Blogger:

JF: Here’s the problem. Because the White House has been so unfair to Harriet Miers and her supporters, because they haven’t collected the information, they’ve sent you onto the beaches of Normandy without proper ammunition and armament. Because of that, we are going to see six or seven surprises come down the road the next few days, about Harriet Miers. Now all of them are sustainable individually. The problem is because the White House was completely unprepared for this, they’re doing a disservice to you and her supporters…

HH: Want to give me an example of one, John?

JF: The Texas Lotter Commission, and all the various contracts that were allocated, how they were allocated, and Harriet Miers’ role in them.

HH: And what’s that going to tell us about her?

JF: The story will be coming out this week, and it’s going to involve possible interference by the governor’s office with the operations of the Lotter Commission. I’m not saying Harriet Miers was involved. I’m simply saying these are stories that are going to come out, that need answers, and frankly, the White House hasn’t done the homework. I hope they have the answers ready.

The HH is of course Hugh Hewitt. The JF is John Fund. Here’s Fund’s article about Meirs in today’s Opinion Journal.

He says conservatives should indeed be skeptical of this nomination.

But that was before I interviewed more than a dozen of her friends and colleagues along with political players in Texas. I came away convinced that questions about Ms. Miers should be raised now–and loudly–because she has spent her entire life avoiding giving a clear picture of herself. “She is unrevealing to the point that it’s an obsession,” says one of her close colleagues at her law firm.

White House aides who have worked with her for five years report she zealously advocated the president’s views, but never gave any hint of her own. Indeed, when the Dallas Morning News once asked Ms. Miers to finish the sentence, “Behind my back, people say . . .,” she responded, “. . . they can’t figure me out.”

Spoken like a true lawyer.

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