That’s how many African-Americans approve of Bush’s performance.

Listen, this news sucks. I’m not a fan of Bush, but to have this level of distrust of the President’s agenda is pretty dangerous for the country moving forward. You can’t get things done if this many people don’t trust your policies and leadership.

To further illustrate, let’s see what that 2% means in actually numbers. The entire African-American population in the US is around 35 million. If you consider that 25% are under 18, that leaves around 26,250,000 million blacks. 2% of that number is 525,000. That means Bush has convinced a little over half a million blacks that the country is going in the right direction.

Now of course, this is just one poll, but Bush’s numbers have been trending downward and there are no indications that they’ll do anything but keep going down; especially if the special prosecutor starts handing out indictments in the Plame case.

Simply put, no amount of Kanye Wests can drive numbers this low. This is a faulty message and agenda, and for the sake of the country I hope the White House starts getting their act together and puts together some type of strategy that addresses this lack of trust.

If not for Bush’s sake, then for the country’s.