At least, that’s what Richard Cohen is asking the special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, to do. Sure, Cohen admits that what the leakers did was illegal, but he also claims that these sorts of things happen everyday. And besides, he argues, the leakers didn’t mean to go after Plame. The real target was Joseph Wilson.

Here’s more from Cohen.

Now we are told by various journalistic sources that Fitzgerald might not indict anyone for the illegal act he was authorized to investigate, but some other one — maybe one concerning the disclosure of secret material. Here again, though, this is a daily occurrence in Washington, where most secrets have the shelf life of sashimi. Then, too, other journalists say that Fitzgerald might bring conspiracy charges, an attempt (or so it seems) to bring charges of some sort. This is what special prosecutors do and why they should always be avoided

Again, we’re supposed to collectively turn our heads because this happens all the time? Richard, Richard, Richard…sounds like some true insider hackery Washington BS to me.

And then Cohen shares the following pearl with us about the misinformation surrounding the Iraq war and why Fitzgerald should go away so the channels of communication can be clear enough so stuff like the Iraq war doesn’t happen again…


More is at stake here than bringing down Karl Rove or some other White House apparatchik, or even settling some score with Miller, who is sometimes accused of taking this nation to war in Iraq all by herself. The greater issue is control of information. If anything good comes out of the Iraq war, it has to be a realization that bad things can happen to good people when the administration — any administration — is in sole control of knowledge and those who know the truth are afraid to speak up. This — this creepy silence — will be the consequence of dusting off rarely used statutes to still the tongues of leakers and intimidate the press in its pursuit of truth, fame and choice restaurant tables. Apres Miller comes moi .

Apres blee bloo blah, indeed! (Translated: After Miller comes me)

Well, you should be worried Richard if you’re spreading secrets around you shouldn’t. And let’s be clear here, just because you’re in the media doesn’t mean you have free reign to say whatever the hell you want whenever you want to. Of course you have the right to do that, but sometimes those actions have consequences. Miller found that out. Rove and Libby may find that out too.

But let’s allow Fitzgerald do his job instead of lamenting that he could be cutting off channels of communication with your informers. Because Richard, even if Rove and Libby are indicted, I’m sure there will still be plenty to talk about.

Just a hunch. But don’t quote me on that.

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