So what is the moderate/centrist view of the new SCOTUS nominee?


Unlike conservatives who prattle about judicial restraint and pray for judicial activism of their own particular sort, many moderates (and this explains perhaps why we don’t have an actual party) really do care about the constitution, about judicial philosophy, about the overall place of the judicial branch within our tripartite government. The ideas that the wingnuts use to mask their naked obsession with power actually matter to us. Plus, starry-eyed dreamers that we are, we tend to believe that only highly qualified people should be hired to fill important jobs.

For moderates, I would argue, this is simple: Harriet Miers is not anywhere close to the top of the list of most qualified applicants. And she was clearly chosen because she is a Presidential crony. Moderates do not approve of mediocrity or cronyism. I think moderates should oppose Miers on those two grounds and demand a more capable candidate. Pretty straightforward.

I agree with Michael, but the revelation that Meirs’ friends say that she would definitely overturn Roe is just another nail in the coffin.

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Meanwhile, in 1989, Meirs supported a ban on most all abortions, excluding only those that would save the life of the mother.

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