I finally found this poll from last year and I think Meirs should take heed.

Fifty-nine percent said Bush should choose a supporter of Roe v. Wade, while 31 percent said they want a nominee who will try to overturn the decision, according to the poll. Support for Roe v. Wade was seen among both men and women, across most age and income groups, and in urban, suburban and rural areas, AP said.

And even more people want to know what her personal politics are.

More than 60 percent of all respondents said a nominee should reveal his or her position on abortion before Senate confirmation, according to the Nov. 19-21 telephone poll of 1,000 adults.

Oh yes, and about those term limits for judges.

Sixty percent said they favor a mandatory retirement age for the justices, who are appointed for life. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

True, this poll is nearly a year old, but this poll was taken right after the last election. One can imagine that the partisan fervor was still pretty high then, so I think this can be seen as a good indication of what people really feel, since virtually nothing concerning Roe v. Wade has happened since.

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