I’ve blogged about Bennett here, here and here. Callimachus offers his own thoughts on race and racism here.

And now I read a new column that asserts it’s not Bill Bennett’s fault he got trounced in the media. It’s the vast left-wing conspiracy’s fault.

Without even a hint of irony comes this piece from columnist Todd Manzi

Everyone is weighing in on what Bill Bennett said on his radio program. Everyone is eager to offer their opinion on his words and whether or not he should have said them. Everyone is missing the point.

The travesty is that we’re even talking about this at all. The most abhorrent behavior that occurred regarding this issue came from the Associated Press (AP). Allowing news hit men like John Conyers, Bruce Gordon, Ralph Neas, Howard Dean and many elected Democrats to assault Bill Bennett is detestable and the AP should be held accountable. The only way liberal Democrats can win is by fighting without honor and by perpetrating hideous attacks on innocent citizens.

Dissecting exactly what happened to Bill Bennett helps unveil the insidious vast left-wing conspiracy and exposes the culpability of the AP. A Google search sorted by date creates a timeline that shows that the tail wagged the dog.

And to illustrate what follows, we have this assertion under the heading The Facts

The only people who have standing to be offended at this point are listeners who heard the call in real time. If they were to spontaneously call and complain, the phone call may have evolved into a discussion that would be worthy of national exposure

Really? The Facts? Sounds more like The Opinions.

So where did Todd Manzi come from? Well, if he’s the same Todd Manzi, in 2003 he lead a protest against the women who were protesting Augusta National Country Club’s men-only policy. If you’re not familiar with golf, that’s where they play the Masters.

Manzi was the only anti-protestor protestor.

Here’s more.

Manzi has two Web sites, theburkstopshere.com and ittakesballs.com, and his primary claim is that Burk does not speak for the 7-million women she claims to represent. He notes the NCWO is an organization of organizations and that many members are unaware of Burk’s protest.

“I get tired of special-interest groups who claim to represent certain groups being able to have the power to do this kind of extortion,” Manzi said.

Oh, how very hacktacular…

(Unintentional HT: Power Line)

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