Tom Maguire and Mickey Kaus are having a discussion of the Plame-Wilson affair that touches on some of the uncomfortable points I’ve been wondering about, including “exactly how undercover was she,” “what is the CIA’s angle in all this,” and “isn’t there a lot of duplicity involved in her husband’s behavior?” I’ve seen some commentary to this effect on the hard-right, but it usually seemed too impassioned and partisan to take at face value. This seems to be the sort of discussion I was waiting to read.

Meanwhile, I continue to be amused at the further proof, via this investigation, of the truth that, if you watch politics long enough, you’ll see everyone in bed with everyone else at least once. My aged hippie Chomskyite co-worker will drive halfway around the world at the drop of a hat to protest the CIA anytime, anywhere. He has routinely done so since about 1959, by his own testimony. But now he is downright sanctimonious about the proper inviolability if CIA agents, and the treason of betraying their names.

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