Hello! This is my first blogging experience as a regular contributor, so I’m looking forward to learning and growing in this new role. As far as my political interests, I’m a Moderate Conservative on most issues i.e. strong military, family values, etc.

I believe that the size of our federal government, as well as degree of governmental regulation, needs to be re-evaluated and restructured.

I try to keep an open mind to issues of the day and enjoy hearing the opposing view(s) and different perspectives. Even though politics is often portrayed in black and white i.e. right versus left, the reality is that there’s a great deal of grey to consider and a lot of opportunity to use our own “grey” matter as well.

Providing a forum in which differing opinions are offered and debated is a way in which we can increase our collective knowledge. We have as a society so much information at our disposal, the key is to finding what’s relevant and then giving at least some degree of thought to its application in our lives.

There’s a lot of humor too that can be found in everyday reporting and respective interpretations — no matter how divisive certain issues can be, maintaining a good sense of humor is key to keeping the lines of communications open.

I look forward to some lively discussions as we explore the topics and comments posted by our viewership and contributors.

I’ve been (and always will be) a student of history, politics, and economics. Over the past year I have been doing part-time teaching of various e-commerce business courses in the evening at our local university. I find though that I continue to learn as much, if not more, from taking into account other approaches and thought processes that my students offer in our class discussions.

My day job is that of sourcing and procurement, so the marketplace, and its influencers, are of keen interest to me. Certainly theory exploration is an important part of analysis and debate, but just as important is hearing from the folks who have an interest in what we are reading and talking about — namely YOU, our blog reader!

So, let’s get to some posting …

Politics A Note of Introduction …