Yes, the Plame case reports keep coming in fast and furious.

Does a media frenzy that is in a continual state of frenzy eventually turn itself into a black hole?

Officials described a White House on edge. “Everybody just wants this week over,” said one official.

The key figures in the probe, including Rove and Libby, yesterday attended staff meetings and planned President Bush’s next political and policy moves. Others sat nervously at their desks, fielding calls from reporters and insisting they were in the dark about what the next 24 hours would bring.

But officials are bracing for the kind of political tsunami that swamped Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan in their second terms and could change this presidency’s course.
It is not clear what charges Fitzgerald will seek, if any. After setting out on his original investigation, he won the explicit authority to also consider perjury and other crimes government officials might have committed during the nearly two-year-long probe.

Two years.


Sure took a looong time to get to the stage where we’ve suddenly catapulted into over the past couple of weeks.

As noted all of Washington’s attention and resources have now completely shifted to the Plame case, and it certainly has the potential for staying that way for quite a duration.

A question …
If you had the chance to prioritize issues that matter most to you as a tax payer and citizen, would Plame be at the top of the list?

What other issues do you think should be receiving higher priority instead?

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