Yes, I know the body isn’t even cold yet, but Harriet Miers’ name has now officially been banished to the land of “Jeopardy” and “Trivial Pursuit” as an answer to the question — “Who was the most embattled and underqualified candidate for the Supreme Court?”

So, the question’s being posed … Next?

Looking over this list of possible names from the last selection process, it’ll be interesting to see whether the administration feels compelled to select another woman to fill the slot.

Ultimately, the decision really should be based upon qualifications and demonstration of a supreme (no pun intended) understanding of constitutional law – not gender and not religious convictions.

There’s certain to be a flurry of conjecturing over the upcoming weeks as to names of potential nominees.

After this latest circus though, the question may shift from …

“Who’ll be nominated?”


“Who wants to be nominated?”

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