The White House is in crisis again.

Why do I emphasize again?

With yesterday’s indictment of Vice President Cheney’s top aide, President Bush’s administration has become a textbook example of what can go wrong in a second term. Along with ineffectiveness, overreaching, intraparty rebellion, plunging public confidence and plain bad luck, scandal has now touched the highest levels of the White House staff.

Is there an inevitability for a second Presidential term to suffer through scandals?

GOP allies of the White House moved yesterday to insulate the president from the fallout of the Libby indictment by contrasting yesterday’s action with previous White House scandals such as the Iran-contra affair that hit Ronald Reagan in his second term or the Monica S. Lewinsky episode that led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

“They all involved the president,” said veteran GOP strategist Ron Kaufman. “This involves staff.” Bill Paxon, a Republican former congressman from New York, said, “There is no one suggesting that this Oval Office occupant has anything to do with this matter.”

Frankly, the administration is the President, so public disgrace has been associated with another administration in its second term of office.

Whether Republican or Democrat, scandal has demonstrated that it doesn’t discriminate between parties.

Given our media hungry society, it seems as if the question isn’t whether a scandal will be surfaced, rather when a scandal will be reported.

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