Rejoicing from the right.

Screams of heresy from the left.

And in the middle…it’s anybody’s guess.

For Kos, The showdown finally arrives, but Orin Kerr of The Volokh Conspriracy tells Kos “Don’t Expect A Showdown“.

Think Progress has similar concerns to Kos, and gives us their view of what Samuel Alito’s America would look like, while Eric Muller discusses the White House’s talking points on Alito’s record and laments that Bush didn’t pick a woman (besides Miers) for the post.

In the east, Alito’s alma mater, Princeton, dives into their alum’s background and finds that he’s a straight-shooter with upper managment potential.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the stratosphere, Balloon Juice’s John Cole laments the upcoming battle between the left and the right and ties the Alito nomination to Bush’s plummeting polls numbers…a very wise assessment.

Then, the First Amendment Center takes a glance at Alito’s stances on free expression, and Ann Althouse takes a look at Alito’s take on the Family Medical Leave Act.

Next, takes a look at Alito’s ruling concerning gay teenagers being teased in highschool and the Ankle Biting Pundit’s bulldogpundit wistfully remembers the Alito strategy conference call with Ken Mehlman this afternoon. And just in case you missed it, SCOTUSblog has the Alito case roundup for all your judicial needs.

And last, but certainly not least, Ed Brayton of In The Agora leaves us with this helpful reminder:

I’m sure more will come out on Alito over the next couple weeks. I make the same caution I made with Roberts, which is that you should not believe anything an interest group on either side says about his rulings or writings without looking it up for yourself. Court rulings often involve very narrow technical grounds which are easy to distort and make it sound as though the judge just wantonly came out against good and for evil.


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