And away we go…

  • In New Jersey, Senator Jon Corzine (D) defeated Forrester (R) by 53% to 44%. The campaign had turned dirty in recent weeks, with both sides being charged with all sorts of nasty stuff. Didn’t matter. Good.
  • In Virigina, Tim Kaine (D) defeated Jerry Kilgore (R) by 52% to 46% for the Governor’s position. Interesting since Mark Warner is vacating the post for a possible Presidential run. He’s a centrist Democrat and look for Warner to be an attractive VP that could possible carry Virginia for the Dems in 2008.
  • Also in Virginia, Bill Bolling (R) defeated Leslie Byrnes (D) for the Lt. Governor spot, and Bob McDonnell (R) essentially ties Creigh Deeds (D) for the Attorney General’s job with the vote total coming in at 940,815 to 936,152. Expect a recount on that one.
  • In California, ALL of the 8 intiatives lost. Governor Schwarzenegger has officially turned from the Governator into the Losinator.


And let’s not forget the mayoral races:

  • Michael Bloomberg (R) wins in NYC.
  • Jerry Sanders (R) defeats Donna Frye (D) in San Diego.
  • Shirley Franklin is overwhelmingly re-elected in Atlanta, leading to speculation of a Senatorial bid.
  • Thomas Menino is re-elected in Boston for a historic fourth term.
  • Dem Mark Mallory defeats fellow Dem David Pepper and becomes the first directly elected African-American mayor in Cincinnati.
  • Incumbent Kwame Kilpatrick (D) is re-elected in Detriot, despite a shaky first term and stupid financial decisions by Kilpatrick, including using city credit cards to lease a luxury SUV for his family.
  • And finally, Frank Jackson (D) upsets Jane Campbell (D in Cleveland.

And that’s all folks…

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