Looks like Schwarzenegger had his ballot proposals … TERMINATED.

Yeah, I know, *groan,* I just couldn’t resist!

In a sharp repudiation of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californians rejected all four of his ballot proposals Tuesday in an election that shattered his image as an agent of the popular will.

Voters turned down his plans to curb state spending, redraw California’s political map, restrain union politics and lengthen the time it takes teachers to get tenure.

Quite an ambitious agenda and the union brotherhood certainly mobilized effectively to turn out the vote against these proposed reforms.

At labor’s election night party in Sacramento, union leaders were not in a forgiving mood, vowing revenge against the governor next year when he seeks reelection. They were particularly incensed that he had not given union members their due for what they believed to be a clean sweep of his agenda.

Hell hath no fury like a union membership feeling scorned.

What will it take for the union mentality to evolve into policies and direction that will support the realities of the marketplace?