Well, it’s official. Alito is strongly against abortion and its legality.

Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, wrote that “the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion” in a 1985 document obtained by The Washington Times.

“I personally believe very strongly” in this legal position, Mr. Alito wrote on his application to become deputy assistant to Attorney General Edwin I. Meese III.

The document, which is likely to inflame liberals who oppose Judge Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court, is among many that the White House will release today from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

This changes everything. Why? Because a strong majority of the US population does’t want a justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade, according to a recent Gallup poll. Here are the numbers.

–“If it becomes clear Alito would vote to reverse the abortion ruling Roe v. Wade, Americans would not want the Senate to confirm him, by 53% to 37%.â€Â?

–“If most Senate Democrats oppose the nomination and decide to filibuster against Alito, 50% of Americans believe they would be justified, while 40% say they would not.â€Â?

Now, does this mean he’ll overturn it? None of us know that. But…can we take the chance?

Listen, many voters last election were one-issue voters. They felt the War on Terrorism was too important to leave in Kerry’s hands, and that’s completely fine. I’ve accepted that and moved on. But given those opinions on terror, I think it’s understandable why many people are one-issue voters when it comes to Supreme Court justices. Maintaining Roe v. Wade is vital and if I feel that there’s even an off chance that this guy could swing it, it’s worth debating about whether or not he should have lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.

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