34%? Jeezus…

So the administration seems to think that hammering the Democrats on being historical revisionists will bring the numbers up, and this poll seems to suggest otherwise. Why? Well, the American people want answers on the war and they want them now. But explaining things in a clear and precise manner unfortunately isn’t the Bush administration’s M.O. and I think that institutional arrogance is what’s truly hurting him and his administration’s credibility.

What are the top issues? Well, let’s go down the list from the newest WSJ poll:

  1. The war – 34%
  2. Economy – 13%
  3. Iraq – 13%
  4. Healthcare – 13%
  5. Education – 10%
  6. Taxes – 9%
  7. Gas and oil prices – 8%
  8. Federal budget/surplus – 7%

Where’s Terrorism? Tied for ninth on the list with Immigration, both garnering 6%. Personally, I consider that a failure since we’re supposed to be fighting a “war” on terrorism. However, now we find ourselves bogged down in a war with a bunch of Syrian and Iranian terrorists who I believe we would have never had to deal with if we hadn’t gone into Iraq.

Right war. Wrong time.

Oh well.

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