Some perspective is needed in this new debate. Andy Sullivan gives it.

It seems to me it would be more helpful if Republicans and conservatives offered positive arguments for how to do better instead of attacking every critic as a wuss, unpatriotic, inconsistent, or worse. Murtha spent 37 years in the Marines. He voted for the war. But, unlike some, he kept his eyes open and he’s reflecting genuine, real, patriotic worries about the war among many Americans. If he’s worried, we all should be. It doesn’t speak very well of the pro-Bush right that their first instinct is to ignore him and their second to dismiss him.

Indeed. But hey, this is politics. They need to keep up appearances and fair enough. However, that doesn’t mean the blogosphere needs to follow their lead like a good little sheepdog.

In short, ask hard questions of our leaders. Make political hay. It’s your duty as an American citizens to make sure our leaders know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

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