His words, my thoughts

I do not advocate an immediate withdrawal or a specific date for withdrawal at this point. But I do intently follow all of the SERIOUS (non-demonization) debate in Congress, in the news, and on thoughtful weblogs of the right and left. So, no, yours truly isn’t an anti-war critic and does not agree that Murtha’s idea is what we need to do right now. THAT being said:

As in the case of many independent voters, I totally reject any attempt to paint people on the right or left who question war policy aggressively as traitors who are trying to undermine the troops.

In fact, those highly critical on the right (we need more power and a better plan) and on the left (we need to withdraw) agonize over the situation the troops overseas are in. Those critical of war policy on the right and left love America just as much as anyone else does. Even as much as George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Duncan Hunter and Jean Schmidt. Maybe even as much as Ann Coulter.

We can’t pitch democratic values overseas if we don’t genuinely honor, cherish, practice and celebrate them over here â€â€? and voters should encourage politicians who don’t quite understand that to start updating their resumes ASAP for new jobs in the private sector in 2006 and 2008.

Voters of ALL kinds who believe it’s patriotic to seek and demand the best policy (on the right or left) need to look at politicos who suggest otherwise, go in the voting booth and basically utter Donald Trump’s famous words.

Well said Joe.

Well said.

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