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SUBJECT2DISCUSSION now on Tuesdays at 7pm PT to 9pm PT LIVE on This Tuesday November 22, the program completes its evolution into a magazine type program. Featuring a semi regular bench of guests. This week Dan Riehl of the RiehlWorldView blog will be on in the first hour. Followed by Justin Gardner of the Donklephant centrist political blog at the top of the second hour and then the Scifi Buzz with Science Fiction Buzz website.. To listen to Subject 2 Discussion go to and click on LISTEN and click on CAM/CHAT to join in the live chatroom discussion during the program.

For those who cannot join us LIVE you can listen to the podcast with or without an IPOD. If you have an IPOD here is the IPOD rss url:

If you do not have an IPOD you can still listen to the podcast via this address:

By going to that address it takes you to a screen where you can pick and choose the previous programs to listen to.

UPDATE: I got bumped. Ha! Bumped from a podcast!?

I have officially arrived…

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