(Note: I fixed the link…) Biting bit of satire from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Beginning in 2008, public school students in Kansas will be tested under that state’s new science standards, which open the door to criticism of evolution. Here are sample questions — some new, some adapted from current biology exams — to help them get ready.

1. Some sources suggest the earth is approximately 4.55 billion years old. Others estimate the earth is 6,012 years old. Without favoring one estimate over the other, calculate the likely age of God. Show your work.

2. The presidency of George W. Bush is an example of:
a. Heredity
b. Parasitism
c. Survival of the fittest
d. Predestination
e. Judicial activism
f. Divine intervention

3. If male zebra finches are raised by foster parents of another species, the Bengalese finch, they will court female Bengalese finches instead of females of their own kind. Which statement best explains their behavior?
a. Birds are animals!
b. Imprinting
c. Gold-digging
d. What happens in Bengal stays in Bengal
e. Co-habituation
f. If you’d ever had the chance to court a Bengalese finch, you wouldn’t have to ask

4. The fossil record contains:
a. Fossils
b. Gaps
c. Skips
d. A couple of hits, but mostly B-sides
e. An elaborately, not to say intelligently, designed hoax consisting of pre-aged rocks arranged in the shapes of bones, teeth, footprints and eggs

5. Evolutionists claim that some moths have changed color to blend in with their background. This is an example of:
a. Assimilation
b. Tokenism
c. Natural selection
d. Hate speech
e. Social climbing
f. Mistaken identity

6. After a population of laboratory animals has been allowed to breed randomly for a number of generations, 49 percent display a recessive trait (bb), the same percentage as at the beginning of the breeding program. The rest of the animals show the dominant phenotype, with heterozygotes indistinguishable from the homozygous dominants. Question: Um … if you were writing a really hard test for the Kansas School Board, what might you ask about this? (Extra credit if your question gives a hint about what that “homo” thing means.)

7. Men are to apes as:
a. Gingerbread men are to ginger snaps
b. Cats are to kittens
c. Rock is to rap
d. Schnauzers are to snails
e. “Planet of the Apes,” the original film starring the incomparable Charlton Heston, is to “Planet of the Apes,” the remake, starring nobody

8. The bones of a human arm are homologous (another homo word) to structures in all of the following except:
a. A frog’s extra leg
b. A spiral galaxy’s arm
c. A camouflaged moth’s wing
d. A right whale’s flipper
e. A child’s left behind

I got 7 out of 10. How’d you do?

(HT: Pharyngula)

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