Personally, I don’t really think so…


CAP is short for Concerned Alumni of Princeton. It was founded in 1972 and went on to be dominated by purported racist and sexist philosophies that lamented the inclusion of more women and minorities into the Princeton fold.

But is that Alito’s fault? He left Princeton in 1972, so the transgressions that followed did not occur while he was there.

The conservative Committee For Justice has this take:

First, it is not at all clear that these comments represented official positions of CAP. Second, membership in a group does not mean that one agrees with all of its positions. Third, Alito’s personal (and decades old) views on coeducation, affirmative action, or any other issue are irrelevant to what kind of Justice he will be.

The first point I think we have yet to really know. The second point I agree with, although one would think that if CAP did have such a reputation, he’d not only want to distance himself from the organization, he’s also NOT want to list them on his now infamous 1985 job application.

However, the third thing is wrong, and it’s hard to read those words with a straight face. Decades old opinions do matter, especially if you consider that Alito was 35 when he applied for the 1985 job.

Should Alito be aligning himself with this organization?


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