The explanation is complicated, but it begins like this…

Because believe it or not, I fear things like this will become more commonplace after we leave.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 24 – A suicide car bomb exploded Thursday near an American convoy at the entrance to the main hospital in the volatile town of Mahmudiya, killing at least 30 Iraqis and wounding dozens of others in a burst of fire and shrapnel.

At least 15 other Iraqis died Thursday, including the police commander of Mahmudiya, while 5 American soldiers were reported killed in three separate incidents over the last two days.

Even by the violent standards of this war, the bombing in Mahmudiya was particularly vicious, taking place outside a hospital as visitors and the sick were coming and going. The blast flung bystanders and body parts through the air and shattered the facades of buildings for blocks around. Policemen and Iraqi Army soldiers quickly sealed off the town’s main streets while American helicopters circled the scene of carnage.

So overwhelmed were the doctors in the area that the most seriously wounded, including some people with limbs missing, had to be transported 30 miles north to Baghdad for treatment.

Let’s consider this for a moment. Terrorists (read: insurgents) have streamed into Iraq to destabilize the country after we’ve left. Also, they’re mostly from Syria and Iran. Now, they say they’re doing this by attacking the Iraqi citizens mostly and blaming the United States. Doing so is a response to American Imperialism and is vital to maintaining the purity of Islam.

Whatever. They just want destabilize Iraq. That’s my opinion. Doesn’t make it true, but that’s my opinion…

But let’s get real. Iran and Syria are trying to destroy Iraq’s demorcracy because they fear what a stable Iraq could mean for their own countries.

Seems farfetched? Well, then they bomb Jordan for being our “friends” and cooperating with us in the WOT.

Here’s my thought then…if the US pulls back on their troop strength now, the terrorists will continue to do their thing, but then they’ll continue to blame the United States by attacking sympathizers of Democracy.

What do I fear will happen then? The terrorists, slowly but surely, will begin to divide the already tenuous bonds that exist within the Iraq government and it will eventually lead to civil war between all three factions, each blaming the other for the continued terrorist attacks.


Because each faction wants to grab more power, so each party has to have enemies. This is the natural progression of democracy. Just look at our political system and how much strife we have now. Now throw into the mix hundreds of people are dying horrible, bloody deaths every month and we start to see that there could be political power grabs in the name of “they’re helping the terrorists” could lead to the downfall of the fledgling Iraqi democracy.

That’s why we can’t pull out or draw down our forces. That’s why we must convince the Iraqis that they need us there so their democracy can grow the right way. Let us take the beating and take the casulaties…

In other words, we broke it so we must fix it. Because if we don’t, I fear the reprecussions will be more terrorism instead of less.

What are your thoughts?

Politics Why We Should Not Pull Out Of Iraq