Saddam Hussein’s trial is back in full swing with a new addition to the defense team – former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Hussein’s posturing during the opening segment of the trial threaten to make a mockery of the rest of the proceedings. Maintaining the safety of the trial participants looks to be a challenge as well.

On October 20, a day after the Dujail trial began, Sadoon Janabi was kidnapped and fatally shot in the head. Janabi had been representing Awad Hamad Bandar, the former chief judge of Saddam’s Revolutionary Court.

Adil Muhammed al-Zubaidi, who was representing former Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan, was fatally shot on November 8 in an attack that left another lawyer wounded.

Janabi had refused any protection from the government, according to an Iraqi government official, and willingly appeared on videotape of the October 19 court proceedings. Iraq’s government insists it is committed to protecting the judges and the attorneys participating in the trial.

The United States is working with Iraq’s Ministry of Interior to investigate the attorneys’ killings.

Not certain who to feel more sympathy toward – the judge or the defense team members.

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