That’s what Harry Reid speculated on a Las Vegas TV station recently, (video).

Many on the right are crying foul at Reid’s admission, but I’d like to point out this October 11th story from India Daily that speculates the same thing.

So yes, many sarcastic thanks go out to my GOP homies John Fund and some in the Pajamas Mediasphere for using this opportunity to try and lay into a Dem leader instead of Googling: osama bin laden dead in pakistan earthquake.

Well done!

October 9 from Opinion Bug.

October 11, CBS News speculated too.

Here’s another story on Oct. 12 from News From Russia.

More October 12 speculation, this time from Waleg.

And October 26 from Adnkronos International.

Could Reid have gotten his information/speculation from any one of these sources?


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