He won’t do it right now, but eventually

Stressing the importance of jury duty, a White House spokesman said Thursday that President Bush will do his civic duty within the next six months.

It just won’t be on Monday. That’s when Bush, designated as potential juror 286 in McLennan County, is summoned for jury duty in Waco’s 19th State District Court.

White House spokesman Blair Jones said Thursday that Bush, a Crawford resident who regularly votes there, had not received his jury summons. However, he added that White House officials checked on it after being contacted Wednesday by the Tribune-Herald.

“We reached out to the court today to find out about the jury summons,” Jones said Thursday. “Apparently, the summons is for this coming Monday, and the president has commitments then. But we have been working with the court and told the judge that we would like to reschedule the president’s jury duty. Jury duty is an important civic responsibility and it is important that people do serve.”

What are the odds that Kerry and Bush would get summoned to jury duty so close together?


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