This seems like a positive step for such a devisive regime.

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran opened the door Sunday for U.S. help in building a nuclear power plant â€â€? a move designed to ease American suspicions that Tehran is using its nuclear program as a cover to build atomic weapons.

The offer, which did not seem likely to win acceptance in Washington, was issued as Israel said it had not ruled out a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

“America can take part in international bidding for the construction of Iran’s nuclear power plant if they observe the basic standards and quality,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said in a news conference.

Asefi was apparently talking about a 360-megawatt light water nuclear power plant that the head of the country’s atomic organization said Saturday would be built in southwestern Iran.

Iran also wants to produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity by building nuclear power plants with foreign help in southern Iran.

In Washington, neither the State Department nor the White House issued any comment on the proposal.

Hey, if we’re actually allowed in there to build these plants, can’t we make sure they won’t be used for nefarious purposes? I’ll admit, I’m fairly ignorant about the ins and outs of nuclear power plants, but to have some eyes on the ground seems like a very good thing.

Please, if I’m dumb about this, enlighten me.

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