Gregory’s word, my thoughts:

It’s odd. Bush, of late, has risen somewhat in my esteem given that he’s been significantly more candid recently regarding errors committed in Iraq. And then he has a ‘heck of a job Brownie’ moment, like this one re: Rummy, and I remember Harriet Miers, and Katrina, and the torture policy, and the blunders in Iraq and, well, I get all down on him again. It reminds me of a David Brooks comment about Bush on Meet the Press a while back: “And as I say that, you always got to go back to competence. And sometimes in my dark moments, I think he’s “The Manchurian Candidate” designed to discredit all the ideas I believe in.” Meantime, this Fox interview doesn’t bode well for my earlier prognostications here (although he does say the “end of my term is a long time…”) Still, maybe I should get out of the prediction business on this one…

A walk down memory lane of the Bush Administration’s many misfires is not a nice stroll. I agree that we need to be strong on Iraq, but let’s not get into the one-issue voter trap of 2004. It’s a different world now, and the other issues are important. High up on the list is organizational competency. Given that, does Bush possess it?

Also, does he have the good sense to let go some of the top advisors who guessed wrong in the WOT?

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