So, if it hasn’t shown up already, you’ll soon see an ad about the George Bush Countdown Clock appear in our BlogAds strip. I thought long and hard about approving this ad or not, but ultimately I decided it has a place on our site.

See, as a centrist blog we strive to give you points of view from both sides of the aisle, and so from time to time you’re going to see these types of partisan ads pop up in our BlogAds strip. It doesn’t mean we champion or support these points of view, but everybody should have their say, including advertisers. It is the blogosphere after all. There is a point at which I’ll say NO, I just haven’t been presented with that opportunity yet. But rest assured, if Kerry would have been elected and somebody wanted to advertise a John Kerry Countdown Clock on Donklephant, I would have approved that too.

Your thoughts are welcomed and encouraged.

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