That’s right, it wasn’t a Category 5 hurricane…

Bareknuckle Politics had the story first (as far as I can tell) back in October right after the Hurricane decimated the Big Easy.

Now there’s confirmation

Researchers now say Hurricane Katrina was weaker than they thought when the catastrophic storm slammed ashore in August.

New data from the National Hurricane Center shows Katrina had top winds of about 125 mph when it hit Louisiana, making it a strong Category Three hurricane.

And yes, the levees were rated to withstand a Category 3, but they failed…horribly.

A sad revelation indeed.

  • Joshua

    If this is true, then how did the levees ever survive hurricanes that have hit New Orleans in the past? I find it hard to believe that Katrina was the first Cat 3 hurricane ever to hit that part of the Gulf Coast. Or was it a case of the levees being weakened by the previous hurricanes to the point where they could no longer function to their design capacity when Katrina hit?

  • Vicky


    The last time New Orleans took a hit from a hurricane there were considerably more wetlands to absorb its effects.