First his health problems and now Ariel Sharon is facing some really serious charges of corruption.

Gee…that sounds familiar…

From Al Jazeera:

Israeli police have evidence which they believe will prove that the Israeli prime minister’s family received a bribe of $3 million from an Austrian billionaire, a police spokesman says.

Mickey Rosenfeld, the police spokesman told AFP on Tuesday, the evidence had been gathered in late December during a police raid of Martin Shlaff, an Austrian financer’s family house in Israel.

Rosenfeld said: “On 22 December, 2005, the national police investigation unit searched Shlaff’s house (in Israel) and confiscated documents, paperwork, phones and his computers.

“We suspect that there could be proof within Shlaff’s computer data that the sum of three million dollars was transferred to the Sharon family.”

And just in case you think this is bogus because it’s coming from Al Jazeera…think again. Sharon’s son Omri has already resigned from the parliament because he lied in court about falsified documents concerning campaign contributions.

Not looking good…

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