Damn this War On Terrorism! Damn it to hell!!!

From the AP:

The ban covers exports from the major sturgeon-exporting countries, said CITES, which regulates legal caviar exports through an international system of permits.

The Caspian Sea produces the sturgeons said to be the world’s highest quality. The countries bordering the Caspian Sea account for 80 percent of the global caviar trade.

The U.N. body said the restrictions on world caviar trade were temporary to permit exporting nations to show they are not driving the species to extinction and are taking steps to preserve the source of the delicacy.

Countries wishing to export sturgeon products “must demonstrate that their proposed catch and export quotas reflect current population trends and are sustainable,” said Willem Wijnstekers, secretary-general of CITES.

But that’s okay. Here in the states we’ve got ourselves some genuine paddlefish caviar, which is said to be of similar quality to the Russian kind. AND, it’s supposed to be better for you since paddlefish are healthier fish than sturgeon.

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