Iran’s leadership has been egregious in its anti-Israel statements over the past few months.
Will actions now escalate into deadly results with Iran resuming its nuclear program?

Defying its European partners and the United States, Iran reopened its vast uranium enrichment complex today, resuming nuclear activities that it suspended 14 months ago, according to the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency.

A spokeswoman from the agency said that its inspectors were present this morning when Iranian officials began removing seals at a nuclear facility at Natanz.

The move brought swift condemnation from the United States, Britain, France and Germany, while Russia, which had been making a last-ditch attempt to head off a showdown over Iran’s nuclear program, expressed concern. Iran’s sudden announcement last week that it intended to resume nuclear research had thrown those negotiations into disarray.

Iran’s leadership must feel this to be an opportune time to test and flex their power on the world stage.

Question is — how far are they willing and able to go?

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