Apparently AMERICAblog bought some of Wes Clark’s phone records from a website and all they needed was his cell number, a credit card number and a little patience.

To ensure that we actually had General Clark’s correct cell phone number, we called the number this morning and the voice mail recording that answered said:

“Hi, this is Wes Clark, leave a message [unintelligible].”

We have subsequently called that number and spoken to a real person to confirm its authenticity, and to make sure General Clark was aware of this issue and what we were doing.

This is clearly outrageous. But let me first say, as an aside, that I bought my own Cingular Wireless phone records this past weekend and reported on it on AMERICAblog. I wouldn’t do this to any other public person without first doing it to myself. But even after reporting on this gross violation of my (and your) personal privacy, Congress, the Administration, and the phone companies have yet to act effectively. (And they have known about it since at least this past July when the Washington Post reported on it.) So we decided to attempt to buy the records of a celebrity, so to speak. And we unfortunately succeeded.

Not that you would…but you could…

Scary stuff.

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