But if you do…well, there could be trouble.

Check out this logic from the NSA:

Renee Seymour, director of NSA special access programs stated in a Jan. 9 letter to Russ Tice that he should not testify about secret electronic intelligence programs because members and staff of the House and Senate intelligence committees do not have the proper security clearances for the secret intelligence.

Miss Seymour stated that Mr. Tice has “every right” to speak to Congress and that NSA has “no intent to infringe your rights.”

However, she stated that the programs Mr. Tice took part in were so secret that “neither the staff nor the members of the [House intelligence committee] or [Senate intelligence committee] are cleared to receive the information covered by the special access programs, or SAPs.”

“The SAPs to which you refer are controlled by the Department of Defense (DoD) and … neither the staffs nor the members … are cleared to receive the intelligence covered by the SAPs,” Miss Seymour stated.

Wow…to be Russ Tice right now and actually have the right to tell the public everything he knows except for anything about what he’s known for.

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