The former Republican Rep. and the former VP/presidential candidate are looking to question Bush on his WOT policies

Gore is teaming up with former Rep. Bob Barr, a Republican, for the policy address, which is endorsed by and sponsored by the American Constitution Society and Liberty Coalition. Barr is an outspoken critic of Bush on issues of national security. He led the drive to impeach President Bill Clinton, Gore’s partner in the White House for eight years.

“The speech will specifically point to domestic wiretapping and torture as examples of the administration’s efforts to extend executive power beyond Congressional direction and judicial review,â€Â? according to a press release distributed by “The extent of bipartisan concern over these issues is highlighted by former Republican Rep. Bob Barr’s introduction of the Vice President and by the organizations cosponsoring the speech.â€Â?

Gore’s speech marks the second time in two weeks he will make a sympathetic plea to Republicans. On Jan. 5, he appeared before a group of center-right activists at Grover Norquist’s popular Wednesday Group meeting to talk about global warming.

Well, at least Gore isn’t afraid to go into unsympathetic territory. Norquist is an avowed conservative voice and I’m sure that any group he’s involed with is going to be pretty strident when it comes to these types of issues.

Good for Gore and good for Barr. It’ll be interesting to see what sentiments emerge from their talks.

Personally, I think this is a good step. Don’t talk to the lockstep because they’re already bought in. Talk to those voices who disagree and attempt to sway them to your way of thinking. Nobody says it’ll work or it’s wise, but if you can at least present your case, some may move more towards your point of view.

Interesting times…

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