With Alito’s nomination hearings appearing to be coming to a fairly anti-climatic conclusion with expected Congressional approval, the focus is now instead being directed toward this year’s mid-term elections.

Democrats and Republicans say Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s confirmation to the Supreme Court is all but certain, yet the fight over his nomination heated up on Friday as both sides seized on it as a flashpoint for Senate races in the fall and future court selections.

Ok, so the Alito hearings are turning out to be a preview of what the political terrain will look like during the fall election season.

Although, there’s still remains a fair amount of grandstanding opportunity.

So far neither side of the Senate shows any signs of easing up. As he dismissed the last round of witnesses on Friday, Mr. Specter opened a new debate, accusing Democrats of breaching a “good-faith understanding” that the committee would vote on Judge Alito next Tuesday so that the full Senate could vote by the end of the week.

But Jim Manley, a spokesman for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, said the Democrats had never given up their right to a temporary delay. Mr. Reid, Mr. Manley said, had asked Democrats to wait to cast any votes until after the party met on Wednesday.

“The members have a right to carefully deliberate,” Mr. Manley said. “It is an important nomination.”

Why the continuing rhetoric on a delay still possibly being staged by the Democrats?

At this stage in the game, after the testimony that has been given to date, haven’t the members had ample time to make their respective decisions?

I don’t think a filibuster will be staged at this point, but why the continued chest thumping by the Democratic “leadership,” such as Reid?

Back to the topic of the upcoming Senatorial elections in the fall – a question for Democrats …

Do the feel the Democratic incumbents truly represent mainstream America in their words and actions?

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