The latest on kidnapped journalist, Jill Carroll …

The captors of an American journalist kidnapped in Baghdad 10 days ago threatened to kill her in three days unless authorities freed all female prisoners in Iraq, according to an Arabic television network that aired a brief video of the woman Tuesday night.

Jill Carroll, a freelance reporter based in Baghdad, was shown speaking, but there was no sound with the video shown by al-Jazeera. Her skin was pale and her dark hair was pulled back from her face and straying in untidy strands. She appeared to be exhausted, but her face remained composed as she spoke.

By all accounts, Ms. Carroll, immersed herself in the Iraqi culture and strove to learn the language and the ways of that region.

By demonstrating good journalistic integrity, getting both sides of the story as best she could, Ms. Carroll placed herself at a greater risk. Hopefully the end result will be her safe return and the chance to write the story of her life.

This will probably be viewed as a controversial question, but here goes – a disclaimer first … in no way am I absolving the kidnappers for this hideous action.

Is this an example of when a journalist’s overzealousness can play into the hands of terrorism?

Do journalists bear any responsibility for how far they are willing to go in “getting the story?”

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