It certainly seems like he may be…

From AnkleBitingPundits:

A friend of mine, who is a significant force in conservative movement politics in New Hampshire and who did not support McCain in the past, has let me know that he will endorse McCain publicly this time around and work hard to build bridges with him to the conservative activist community. For obvious reasons, he asked that I not name him until his relationship with the campaign is formalized.

His reasoning is sound, I must admit. “Look, where the other candidates talk the talk, McCain walks the walk,â€Â? he told me. “McCain’s the only one among the Republican candidates to vote against the Medicare Modernization Act, for example. And he’s the only one among the candidates who is actively working to reduce spending in Washington.”

Just tonight I talked with a very liberal friend of mine and she told me that she would consider voting for McCain in the next election. This is somebody who absolutely loathes Bush. Why? Because she believes McCain is a trustworthy guy. Yes, that’s it. She simply wants a trustworthy person in the Oval Office. Bush has certainly failed the left in that respect, but McCain’s record suggests he’ll be a person who’ll change that perception (and practice).

Republicans, take note…

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