Let it be known right off the bat that Bush’s “new” Iran policy is virtually a carbon copy of the one John Kerry talked about during the debates and campaign.

Now having said that, let’s see what the right thinks about it.

The following is from Ed Morrissey’s blog, Captain’s Quarters, back in October 2004. At the time, he was questioning Kerry’s plan to give “fissile materials to the largest backers of Islamofascist terror groups” because Kerry got campaign contributions from some Iranians. Here’s more on Kerry’s dangerous Iran plan:

The article also outlines other positions that Kerry has taken for normalization with the current Iranian regime rather than support the nascent democratization efforts within Iran. It appears that the Kerry campaign’s commitment to fighting terrorism and its sponsors takes a back seat to pandering to its financial supporters — as does American national security.

And Ed follows up with this revelation concerning those campaign contributions…

And now we have John Kerry offering nuclear fuel to the same Iranians that finance Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. Let me repeat this: John Kerry wants to give nuclear fuel to the people behind two of the worst Islamofascist terror organizations in the world. Now we know why.

Now let’s fast forward to 5 days ago. This time we’re going to take a peek at the FAR right-wing “news” source, NewsMax. They too talk about Kerry’s dangerous plan for letting the mullahs have nuclear fuel:

Sen. John Kerry was sharply critical of the Bush administration’s handling of the war on terror during his appearance Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

But while he complained about White House bungling of the North Korea nuclear crisis, Kerry was curiously silent on Iran.


Probably because, had Kerry’s previous advice on Iran been taken, the mullahs in Tehran would be even closer to obtaining nuclear weapons than they are now.

Okay, got all that? Cool.

Now let’s look at what Bush said yesterday

“I have made it clear that I believe that the Iranians should have a civilian nuclear power program under these conditions: that the material used to power the plant would be manufactured in Russia, delivered under IAEA inspectors to Iran to be used in that plant, the waste of which will be picked up by the Russians and returned to Russia,” Mr. Bush said at a news conference yesterday. “I think that is a good plan. The Russians came up with the idea and I support it,” he added.

Given this, I will ask a question I’ve posed before: why is it so bad to call Iran’s bluff? Why not give them fuel and then make sure we’re standing over their shoulder to take away any hint of the waste that they could use to make nuclear weapons? All I’ve heard is, “We can’t trust them.” Well, fair enough, but if we’re standing over their shoulder in the form of Russia?

And here’s one more blurb from that Captain Quarter’s post…

It’s not as if the information on Kerry’s Iranian backers has been a secret; it’s just that the media hasn’t looked very hard at it. One would think the loopy idea of shipping nuclear fuel to a country we know supports the terrorists we’re fighting would get them to ask these questions…

Yeah, it’s just that pesky liberal media. Good thing the blogosphere is here to clear things up…heh…

Here’s also Little Green Footballs, Gateway Pundit, Townhall and JustOneMinute on Bush’s dangerous new Iran policy.

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